Sunday, May 3, 2015

Outside tour

Slowly the plants are emerging. These are very large hostas and they are showing dead spots so they need to be worked on before much longer. 

My trees are in full bloom now. the yard is starting to shape up well.

The dead nettles is in bloom. They have this cute tiny yellow bloom in the Spring. Against the variegated leaves it is striking. It is a ground cover and  creeps slowly to fill in.  

This is a small bleeding heart. This has been moved several times and is in a better spot now. Hopefully it will thrive here. 

Even though it has been warm some of the plants are slow coming through the ground. I guess they didn't want to be shocked with the cold mornings we have had.  Hopefully that is all behind us now. 

Today is mine I think. I need to find some
meals to make than can be made ahead. My Mother is not eating right and with cancer therapy that she is getting she needs to eat better. Trying to find good food and easy prep for her.

Wish me luck in food prep and getting all my goals done today. Chris

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