Sunday, May 24, 2015

Being Busy but worth it

A couple followers have said I am so busy and yes at times it seems that way. I guess as a Mother, Daughter and Grandmother we do as we have to for our family. I remember my Mom would watch her nieces and some friends kids and at times there were 8 kids all under the age of 8 years old. We were all blond and we had to go to the Dr's office one time because my brother fell and had to have stitches. We all followed each other down the hall and the Doctors and Nurses looked out of doors and shook their heads. You get use to doing and don't think much of it.

I have always had a house full of people at meal time. My son's friends or relatives always were there. It doesn't take much more to serve a crowd as it does just three. The pots are bigger and the dishes never end though.

We get bored sitting here night after night with just the two of us. But the days are growing harder to keep up with all the traffic through my house when it comes to meal time. At some point I won't do it, but for now with my Mother's health hanging in the balance we march on as usual.

When they all leave after a gathering we sit and exhale, but we also had fun while it was going on. My older grandkids don't come as often as they did when they were little because they live so far away so we always make a fuss while they are here.

Derek is 14 years old now and he still wants a hug and a kiss. He doesn't want anyone to see him get this, but I ask if he is still my baby and he still says yes. They know when they are comfortable and at one point he asked if he could live with me. This makes it all worth the commotion.

Memories I will have forever locked away in my brain. It might get lost in there from time to time, but it all comes back during quiet times. The other thing that makes me smile is they won't sleep under anything other than a homemade quilt made by Grandma

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