Friday, May 22, 2015

Small stuff

 This is a pile of small cut off pieces while I was cutting last night. So what do I do with them? Well believe it or not they will go into a container for small piecing and string piecing. Never throw a small piece away. I am always looking for low volume or neutrals to add to something.

Here is a block I want to get more made of. This is low volume and neutral pieces that are small. This is 1.5 inch strips that make the rounds with a 2.5 inch center. You can make this as large as you like. I think mine is about 9.5 inches. This is a scrap buster for sure. 

Yes the more I cut the more mess I make, but when I get to them I have everything ready. Don't be afraid to cut and save small pieces. They do come in handy when a small piece is needed. 

Rethinking what you use in your quilting techniques can change your quilting life when it comes to throw away or save this. Chris

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