Saturday, May 23, 2015

Slow lazy day

Been a lazy day here. I started out making some more string squares for this larger block. I think I have 9 of the larger blocks complete now. I think I need 12 all together for a couch throw.

It will have borders of the darker brown and it will be a nice change. I also made some more string sections for the Churn Dash blocks I have been making. I use the telephone book pages because they don't smudge with the ink like newspapers do.

The older kids came home for the weekend and in a few more days they will be here for 6 weeks. Autumn was sure glad to see them. She didn't want grandpa or I she wanted them. She misses them so much, but they live almost 8 hours away.

We did some weeding and used Preen to keep the weeds away then Jeff mowed the yard. Next week it is suppose to rain 6 days in a row. Hopefully it will dry out enough to mow in between. Take care Chris

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The Joyful Quilter said...

I love the setting that you have come up with for your string blocks. I'm making string blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and think I might like to use a similar setting for my quilt. Thanks for the inspiration!