Monday, May 25, 2015

Progress made

Today I got some more strings made and some pressing done. I pressed the rest of the Antique Rose blocks and prepped the background fabric for them. It had to be pressed and also cut to the size I wanted. 
These blocks were sewn by hand so I am appliqueing them by hand. The block itself is appliqued to the background fabric. I will then trim the excess out behind the pieced block. 

You can hardly see them, but I am using my small headed applique pins and I just love them. They were a little pricey, but they sure work for this kind of sewing. 

Here is the next one I will do. I can maybe get the second one started this evening. I got a load of laundry, dishes, and the grill cleaned up before I started to sew.

Tomorrow an appointment for my Mother with the Oncologist and then I get two little girls for 2 nights. Dad is working and Mom has to be out of town. 

I need to stop by the store tomorrow and pick up some things to feed them. Grandpa and I eat different things then they do. Snack things will work for them. I thought Kate maybe would like some oyster crackers. She likes the small cookies I got for her. I got a kick out of her taking a bite out of the cookie. I think she surprised herself she could do it by the look on her face. They are so funny when they can finally do something by themselves. 

So my list was somewhat completed today. I still have a few more hours to work on it. Chris

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