Saturday, May 23, 2015

Have you ever had one of those days where things just don't come together? Well today was my day.

I stripped my bed to wash the sheets. Washed the quilt that is 13 years old. I made it with all prewashed fabrics. Well it still bleeds. I throw a Color Guard Sheet in everytime I wash it and it comes out full of color on the sheet.

I went out to put the sheets in the dryer and one of the pillowcases was on the floor. Never made it into the washer. So I had to do another wash load. It is 7:45 pm and I finally got the bed made I stripped at 9 am this morning. I have gone in at 10 pm to go to bed and it wasn't made so I did do that right today.

My little Kate has been sick. She hasn't wanted to drink. They did give her a shot and liquid antibiotics. Mom was getting concerned because she had high fevers and not eating and drinking. Well big Sis came home today so she will do anything for her. Stubborn little stinker. All of my grandkids would do things here and not at home. Funny how Kate will drink for Taylor and not her Mother. But she is on the mend. Thank goodness.

There is suppose to be several days of rain so hopefully I can get some sewing done. Chris

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