Monday, May 25, 2015

Chaos is happening

What a mess. But I know where most of it goes and what it goes to. Well most of it. I also don't have anyone to blame it on  but myself.

Taylor the oldest granddaughter made a sarcastic remark yesterday that it would take her three days to straighten it out. Well we went down this road with her before and she put things away and I finally found the last thing almost 3 years after the fact.

Today I plan on getting a pile and cutting and sorting to get some of the mess stowed away or cut up. I have plenty to do and no excuses.

This next week is going to be busy. The two little ones come over night a couple nights and My Mom has a Doctor's appointment and my Aunt is flying in from Florida so I have to meet her plane.

The kids were here yesterday and the baby is finally feeling better. She ate for me and drank a full bottle. She is funny she won't do that for her Mother. But she scared us to death. She was sitting in the high chair which is an antique and she was quiet and all of a sudden she was standing up and leaning over the back of it. Just that quick.  Three of us were sitting there eating and she was just so quick. We caught her before she went backwards.

Autumn was enjoying being with the two older kids. Today they go home and in a couple days they will be back for 6 weeks. Taylor gets her drivers license this next week and look out World we will be holding our breath. She is pretty good with her  driving, but experience is a good thing.

We planned on taking pictures and we all forgot doing it until my Mom was gone.

Hope you have a nice holiday. I plan on cleaning, cutting and sewing. Chris

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