Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Really tired tonight.

I had little feet in my back and pushing me to one side of the bed as she was laying sideways. I would try moving her and she would move right back. She slept 10 hours straight through.

The baby was sick and she is cutting teeth so a rough time for her. She was up at midnight and again at 5 am. So we had a tough time trying to keep her comfortable. She wanted to be held all the time.

It took an hour between the two of us to recover our house after they left. But that is what is fun when you go to Grandma and Grandpa's you get to play.

I think well I hope my congestion and tickly throat is allergies. I have been uncomfortable with that.  I think tonight I will collapse and hopefully sleep well.

Tomorrow I have my errand day and really would hate to not feel well. Have to pay the taxes on my house. That time flies by fast. Then before the end of the month the sticker for my car is due.Always something to pay out.

I do want to order some battings so I need to see if they are on sale. I usually order batting from Connecting threads. They have Hobbs battings and they do go on sale off and one.

Well searching the web tonight and hope you have a good evening. Chris

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