Sunday, May 31, 2015

Table deep in scraps

May is coming to a close. Where is this year going to so quickly? Over the last couple nights I have been appliqueing these hand stitch Antique Rose blocks to the background. I think I have three almost complete. I have ten all together. 

Here is some of the scraps I bought at the thrift store on Friday. I set up a cutting station temporarily in the kitchen. I have a
TV there with a ROKU connected so
I can watch Netflix. I cut for an hour last night and an hour this morning. Amazing how far you can get in an hour. 

There is a little of everything in these bags. Lots of strips already cut to sizes I use. So I sort them out and odd shaped pieces I trim to usable pieces for the type of piecing I do. There are Christmas, 30's and 40's and also garment fabric in these bags. You know I use 100% cotton shirts so it fits right in. 

This looks like a mess, but it is loosely separated into size strips. I then move them to the tubs for that size and have them ready to use when I need them. 

As I said and hour here and there works well to get a lot trimmed and ready to use for my power stitching sessions. Also I get to watch the programs I want. My husband and my taste in TV shows sometimes don't match. 

Today is mine until about 3 pm. I have to go to Rockford to the airport to pick up my aunt. She is flying in from Florida to spend time with  my Mother. She is my Mother's youngest sister. Both in the 80's so I will be keeping track of both of them. Yippy! 

As I said where has this month gone? We seem to be going through the years so much faster at my age. Seems like it was Christmas just the other day. Hope you have a
Great Sunday. Chris

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