Friday, May 15, 2015

Did a little

No pictures tonight. I got a little sewing done before the running started today.

I did get my kitchen floor cleaned up and got that all put away. Then the trip to the Dr's for my Mother. Well It was with her.

We got the point across to the doctor and he agreed to what she said. He let her delete a pill that has so many side effects. So we will watching her progress and see how she makes out without it.

The other thing I had to do today was to get some more medicine for my husband. He got really sick back the end of December and it lasted for ever. It was a horrible chest cold. We thought he was over it and a couple weeks he got it again. This time we called and got some meds for him, but they really  weren't enough. This time I called again and had to go back to the pharmacy and get them. Then of course he wanted something for supper I didn't have.

So we went to another Walmart to get what he wanted for supper. Now we are back home and I am going to collapse in the chair.

I did get a phone call that Kate started to eat big people food today. She likes Cheerios and mac and cheese. She chews it and gets it swallowed. She has changed this last week  really fast. Crawling, Pulling herself up to a standing position and eating big people food.

She chewed up the mac and cheese and she got a grin on her face. No stopping her now. They change so fast and it amazes you how they do it. Have a good one. Going to hand sew tonight. Chris

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Katie M. said...

sounds like you're keeping busy... or maybe that should read 'the family is keeping you busy'.. It's always good that you're able to help your family, but remember to reserve some time for yourself, too!
Yes, the little ones grow up faster than we can blink an eye. I told my son (35 years young) that he was grounded and his son laughed and said "you can't ground Dad". I told him I could and he'd listen about as much as he'd listened as a kid... took me back a 'few' years... Grandkids are wonderful, so glad you're able to have an active relationship with yours.