Saturday, May 30, 2015

Men and the price of their toys

My son who is 38 and should know better acquired this yesterday. To qualify his need for this truck is he owns a Fire training business. They own a facility to train firefighters to get out of a fire safely and to protect victims and other fire fighters.

He is trained Nationally and State certified to be an instructor. They do set fires and they do put them out. They have a building used for training and he is constantly adding to the building with props as would be in the way during a fire.

This truck will come in handy to have the amount of water available to put out a fire in the business. Aerial training is important because of second and third story buildings.

I asked him if it was going to be a yard ornament and he thought I was funny. He will have to get a building built to cover the truck when  not in use.

As you can see my family has different occupations. Most families have a person who works normal jobs not my son. Chris

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