Friday, May 8, 2015

Raining again

Just found out my sister is coming to surprise my Mother for Mother's Day. Now I have to plan a meal for them.

Because my son's family is sick I was just going to have my Mother come for lunch now it will be a big meal. My Mom can't afford to get sick now so now kids that are sick will not be allowed. I know I am a meany.

Went to several Rummage Sales today and most of the stuff was just junk so came home and decided not to run the gas out of my car. Couldn't even find 100% cotton men's shirts at these sales. The little kids clothes were so stained or just dirty and I wouldn't buy them.

My standards are to high I guess. If it is gently used it is something, but ruined or dirty beyond cleaning I can pass it up.

I looked through a quilting magazine on the kitchen table this morning and found a quilt I think I need to work on. It is a 10.5 X 10.5 inch block, but numerous pieces to each block. Scrappy, but I think I will control some of the scrappy part with like colors for the centers of these blocks.

Sometimes scrappy can get lost in the execution of a block it it doesn't have a common element other than shape. True scrappy to me is every color imaginable, but this block needs to be more controlled. Still a lot of color though.

Tomorrow I will show you a picture of this block and see what you think. It is 4 patches and logs with cornerstones. The size of the blocks should go together fairly quickly and yet be striking. I need to be busy and yet here I am on the computer.

Well I guess I should go do some sewing for a few minutes and get a couple more strings put together. Chris

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