Saturday, May 2, 2015

Phew I'm worn out

You don't realize how active little ones are. The baby is sitting up by herself now and she also has crawled a couple steps on her own. If you can call it steps. Mom of course wasn't here to see it, but when she came she saw how close she is to crawling all the time.

She will be seven months in 5 days. Where has that time gone? These kids grow up so fast.

Supper is being cooked. Hamburgers and a salad. We ate some saltier food last night and I need something less filled with sodium.

It took me two hours to straighten the house up after the kids left. Not sure if I still have everything back in place. I plan on sewing all day tomorrow.

I have some wedding work to do tomorrow. My neighbors found out I do sewing off and on and so now I am the resident seamstress. The Mother of the groom wants some things hemmed and and taken in so that is my plan for tomorrow.

I plan on making a top out the pattern for the wedding dress I am making. I need to make sure the drape of the pattern will fit her well.

Take care and have fun. Chris


Carol said...

Oh you brave soul lol....I used to do alterations for extra money but it is my least thing to do and I avoid it if all possible these days...enjoy your sewing time

barbara woods said...

I keep my great grands son last week it wore me out!