Friday, May 29, 2015

How many

Today is recovery day. Recover the house and recover my rest. I had the girls who were both sick for two days and nights. Mom and Dad both had to be out of town and jobs kept them from the kids.

Today well last night they went to their other Grandma's. Dad has a huge seminar he is presenting and they have so much to do. Also School is out for the 12 year old so this is a mini vacation at his other Grandma's.

As I was starting to pick up and straighten up as I walk through the house I stacked this pile of quilts. My mind started wandering and I thought maybe this would be a question to ponder. How many quilts does a household need? Also how many quilts do you actually use?

Well I have a quilt for every bed. Just one. I have numerous ones for the babies and numerous ones for the couch. But I want a couple more for each bed so they are not being wore out so fast. Washing and using has a tendency to make them look old before their time. An extra set would be nice.

I have table toppers and wall hangings which I don't use much. I have potholders and also some towels that have quilting on them. Does that count?

I need to make some draw string bags to store out of season quilts in. Like flannel quilts and a Christmas couch quilt I have.

Today I finally get my errand day. Normally I do that on Wednesdays, but I had the girls. I have two towns I have to go to to get everything done. Suppose to rain also.

I think I will be looking at the thrift stores in the one town today for neutral colored men's shirts. I have a low volume contrasting quilt top rolling around in my mind and the more stripes or plaids the better for it. Male gendered quilts are harder for me to come up with fabrics to work.

Well going to start laundry and try and make some progress before I get out the door. My list is growing as far as what I need to get done and what I want to get done. Have a Great day. Chris

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Julierose said...

I only have one quilt per bed also; one of them is a King size bed--and that is really hard for me to do these days with my back and shoulder problems. Dragging it through the machine is a nightmare! But recently i saw that if i did it in long narrow sections, perhaps quilting could be done on my Viking. (I don't send any out for quilting--too much $$$). I also want to make quilts for each of my Grands as they leave for college life. I made them all bed we'll see. But a change is nice....hugs, Julierose