Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reflections from this last year.

Being a Mother and then a Grandmother make you think of what you have. Katelyn was born in October and she is full of it today.

Here is my three granddaughters. Taylor 16 years old, Autumn is 2 years old and Kate is now 7 months old.

Kate is full of fun and growing so fast.

Autumn fixed her own hair here. She is such a hoot. She teases and loves to laugh.

My girls all seem interested in what Grandma does so maybe one of them will sew and quilt. Taylor knows how to sew and quilt she is just busy with acting in the plays at school and sports. Maybe someday she will go back to it.

Mother and Grandmother are here to teach us to be better women. I remember my two Grandmothers and my Mom and all they taught me. The memories will always be with me. Chris

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