Monday, May 11, 2015

Now what do I do with these?

I have all of these sewn and pressed. They are made with 2 inch squares. So what do I do with them? Not really sure what the plan is or them.

This is the power sewing I do while up early. Power sewing to me is relaxing. If I have things cut up and ready for when the mood strikes me.

Getting back to the 4-patches I think I have an idea for these and will have to make some more to complete the project. Which is fine because never have to many of them sewn to make larger blocks out of them.

Gloomy day here. Suppose to rain or showers off and on. So it will be what it is. I need to clean a little and then I can get to the sewing room. So we will see how the day works out. Never set my plans in stone because there is always changes going on.

Going with the flow. Chris

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