Sunday, May 17, 2015

Well here is the thing

These are laying in a drawer. Need pressing and need to be finished. They are hand pieced with kite pieces. I drew the pattern out to the size I wanted and started piecing them up. 

I bought this mottled tan on tan print for the blocks to be connected with. I talked to my husband this morning and he said to center the Antique Rose onto a block or applique the rose to a base block of this fabric. I maybe will cut the corners and add strips to make them all the same. Have to think this all the way through.  

You can see the kite shapes as they fall into shape for the Antique Rose block. You could do these in EPP or as I did and stitched them with a seam allowance. 

I plan on taking them to the ironing board and placing them upside down to press the seams flatter and then starch them. This was fun doing this block a couple Winters ago. I think I bought the background fabric last Fall. I just never got back to it. 

This one will be hand quilted. I need to get a good batting. I have a backing for it. 

We had to turn on the A/C today. When the toilet tank sweats I know it is to humid. We put that new flooring in the bathrooms and I don't want it ruined by moisture. 

I have seen pictures of this quilt on the web, but not seen and actual pattern. Maybe in It is an old pattern. Pretty sure it is named The Antique Rose. Off to do some pressing. Chris  

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