Thursday, May 7, 2015

Not a lick of stitching going on

This heat wave has me setting back doing nothing. We went to the rummage sales today came home and did a couple things outside and that has been the day.

Light rain going on and finally cooling off some. It got to 84 degrees here today. Tried to carry a bucket and some trash from my neighbors deck. Started down the steps turned my left ankle and basically fell and sat on the step I just came off of.

My neighbor was behind me and she kept me from falling backwards and hitting my head. I ache, but nothing broken or sprained. Felt really foolish. Should have hung onto the railing.

I have had a few to many falls of late and I just need to watch what I am doing better.

Tomorrow I need to go to the store and get bread and milk. I really would like someone to come in and fix supper tomorrow night, but that won't happen.

Maybe some sewing will happen tomorrow. Chris

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Carol said...

when I am busy sewing and nothing for supper I keep frozen entrees in freezer...add a salad and supper is ready...that might be a good suggestion for you too...