Monday, May 11, 2015

Had a really rough morning

I went with Talea to the Dr's office when Kate had an appointment. She is teething and the Doctor said she was fine. She is real fussy. Well both girls are coming to spend the night.

While we were there mommy had to see the doctor and also an ultrasound. It wasn't good. The baby grew up to 5-6 weeks and died. She hasn't felt well and she has to have surgery tomorrow morning.

She was very upset of course and she had 32 miles to drive back home. I made her sit in my car and talk about it before I left her. Very sad day for her.

We are in shock, but if it was meant to be it would be. She is young and can have another baby if she chooses. It is still hard to take.

I think I am getting sick besides. Never a dull day around here. Chris

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barbara woods said...

our granddaughter has lost two since she had Gracie 6 years ago.
we are praying for a baby this time
but she is just 5 weeks