Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thunder Boomers and pouring rain

See this can you imagine the thunder, lightening, and pouring rain. 2 inches of rain overnight. Sure it isn't a record, but we have been down almost 4 inches for the year so far.  This will help with that.

Yesterday did some sewing in the morning and tried calling our Doctor. He was out of the office so we ended up going to the Ready Care Clinic. They gave him a $100 worth of medicine. About 2 weeks ago he let Autumn who was sick at the time drink out of his glass. She is still sick and has to go back to the doctor for the second time today.

Then I guess I will be getting both girls overnight again tonight. Yes I know it isn't smart, but what is a grandma suppose to do. Wash hands and wipe everything off really good.

I made more strings yesterday for the string quilt and also for the Churn Dash blocks. I think I will be making them forever. I found another block that has strings only larger for connecting borders. So at some point I will be adding another set of strings for another quilt top.

Power sewing is mindless and I can watch Netflix and some of the network shows I have missed.

I need to kid proof the house, no scissors, pins or needles out in the open. She is into everything. I wish I could do hand sewing while they are here, but they are still to little to try it.

Well we are going to have a wet day. Good thing I mowed yesterday while my husband was sleeping. Stay dry. Chris

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