Wednesday, May 13, 2015

worn out

Trying to regain my house after the girls were here for two days. Well Autumn was here two days and nights. Kate went to her other grandma's last night. They both were glad to see their Mom today.

I really wanted to sew the last couple days, but life got in the way and I had to step up the pace and keep up.  I think I could have sewn for about 12 hours straight through and not been as tired as I am from keeping up with the girls.

Friday I have an appointment to go to for my Mom. She said she thinks she can do it by herself, but I think I need to speak up over a couple things. She doesn't tell the Doctor everything and he can't help if you aren't frank about things.

The TV stations haven't had to much worth while watching lately. I think I am going to get my hand sewing and try and watch a missed episode of one of my shows. Have a good evening. Chris

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Rebecca said...

I had the care of my MIL and Father the last years in my home. Great independent people more use to taking care of others then having help taking care of themselves. I found I had to start going into the Dr. Appointments with them because sending them in with a list of "written questions" did not work even if they where the ones who came up with the questions first... To say nothing of what they heard as the answers. Trust me getting them to let me go in with them was a bit touchy at first but they came to rely on what we both heard.