Friday, October 17, 2014

4 blocks done

These are done as far as blocks. I thought if nothing else I would make a table topper out of them. I know I don't have enough fabric to make a quilt top so this is probably as far a I will go with this fabric. 

There are a lot of elements to this block and it was a struggle to make sure I stitched them the right way. I think if I did it again for a quilt top I need to have plenty of the three main colors to complete a whole top. I tried imagining it as all scrappy but with light and dark valued fabrics and I can't quite imagine it. Unless you use all the same color of fabric, but it would look the same to pull it off. 

4-patches can be dressed up to look like something. I'm not a planned quilt person. I prefer the scrappy look. 

Get to babysit the kids today. Driving to their house then bring Autumn back with me for a visit with her biological Mother. Off to get ready to get out the door. Have a good Day. Chris

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