Friday, October 10, 2014

Sewn together

I finally went in and stitched these together. I think I twisted one row, but at this point it will stay. Not perfect, but neither am I. This is laying on my extra long couch so it should be a good length.

I need to search for some backs for the two I have completed in the last week. I have batts, but not sure of backs. I could piece some so it will be whether I get to it today.

My older Grandkids are coming home after four months of not seeing them. I need to clean some and get ready for them to come to eat here on Monday before they go home. They haven't seen the two little ones. Autumn sees them on Skype, but they haven't seen Kate yet other than Skype.

Autumn has changed so much since they saw her last. She is talking and is more opinionated. She knows the word  "NO" really well.  Strange how they learn that word first.

Fall is in the air. Frost warnings for tomorrow for here. We have cleaned off all the flower beds and ready for Winter. Today the A/C in the garage gets closed up and the shed needs cleaning out so the snow blower can be brought out and the mowers and pressure washer can be put away. I hate to mention snow blower, but we live in NW Illinois and it is a way of life.  Enjoy the weekend. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I really like this quilt. Love all the color in it. And I think every quilt is perfect because most of the ones I see being used (versus being made for show) are ones made from love and what is more perfect than that?!