Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not a lot of sewing to report on

Making some more mug rugs for gifts. They are going slow because I had a little girl for 36 hours. She thinks she needs to do everything Grandma does and I'm not ready to have pins and needles and scissors around her yet. If she finds them in the house she brings them to me. Another year and I will work with her. 

She had to go to a Dr's Appointment yesterday and they determined she has to have a brace on her legs at night. Her hips are not formed right. She walks and runs, but falls a lot. So grandma will be making some fleece pj pants for her. She has to wear special shoes with this brace to bed. So no footed pj's. 

This isn't much farther than the last picture. No sewing yesterday at all. Hopefully over the weekend I can get to this project again. 

The laundry is started. The pattern I need for the fleece pants is printed off and I need to find the elastic I need and get to it. I have several solid colored pieces to use. Also at her size a half yard will make two pairs of pj pants. 

So glad we are getting closer to Election Day.
The negativity this time around is so disturbing. How can some of these people put their heads on their pillows at night and sleep well? I told my Mom then the Presidential election campaigns will start the next day. She said I don't think I can handle anymore. I agreed with her. Before the Internet we didn't hear all this mud slinging.

On a better note there is snow predicted north of us and we are not getting any of it this time. Snow to me is a 4 letter word I don't like.

Hope you have a great day and all is good in your neck of the Woods. Chris

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