Saturday, October 11, 2014

Strange day here

This is a car seat tent. Kate needs one for her car seat. They live out in the open and also it is a way to the car from the house. With it getting cooler it will be nicer to carry her to the car in the cool weather. This is a rectangle with curved corners and it is lined with the same fabric. It is a printed flannel. The pattern I used says to use hook and loop closures on tabs to hook it to the handle on the infant car seat. 
Well I thought if I used ties if the baby spits up on the regular blanket and she is away from home she could untie this and use it for a blanket if it didn't have the hook and loops on it. Mom thought that was a good idea.  

I had enough of the flannel to use the same fabric for the lining. It is a Marcus Brothers flannel. I thought she had a black and pink car seat. Well I found it is  purple and black. It will work out great. I will try and get a picture of it on Monday when they come to visit. 

The strange day has been I'm run down. I'm tired and stressed. The two older kids got to come home today. 4 months since they have been home. Get to see their baby sister and also see Autumn. I dislike it immensely that they are so far away. I was talking to the neighbors son this evening and my right shoulder started hurting. I took a nap and layed on it wrong. So I was going to pin baste and machine quilt tomorrow. I don't think that will happen for a few days. Have a good weekend. Chris

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