Thursday, October 30, 2014

I love Fall but...

I love the colors and the fact it isn't so hot and humid. I like the fact a sweater or sweatshirt is the norm when you go out the door.

But..... yes there is a but, I do not like the dark dreary days of Fall. The gray skies and the early nights coming on. We have daylight savings time change coming up, but that is only helping for a short period of time. Dark when you get up and dark soon after the kids get home from school.

I like the time when the comfort food is made and the smells of food cooking while the oven is on. I made chocolate chip cookies today. Now I want to eat them. Not good for me.

I think as I get older the seasons effect me more. The long Winter is ahead and it is so long here. They are predicting a cold and snow filled Winter for us. Hey they say that every year. Last year was almost 70 inches of snow and subzero temps for the whole Winter.

I guess I need to adjust myself to a change to a better outlook on life. The Midwest has up and down seasons and I live here. Chris

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Katie M. said...

I guess that's why I love AZ so much - we don't have those dreary days during the winter months. And where I live our summers aren't unbearable - the highest we might get is 104... And yes, I have lived in snow country! Alaska, literally off the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan and outside E. St. Louis in IL... Yep, staying right where I am!