Thursday, October 9, 2014

Next top to complete

These have been done for a couple months. Sitting there to be sorted and sewn together. They are a 4-patch courthouse step block. All done with precut strips and squares. 

They are a little lighter than what I usually use for a color combo, which I thought could be a Spring/Summer throw then. 

Yesterday after sewing the top together I showed you I made a trip to see the Granddaughters and take them to appointments. I think I put about 250 miles on my car in the process. Talea couldn't drive yet so we needed to get it done. 

Baby and Autumn are hitting it off great. Autumn wants to hold her all the time. She knows she has to sit on the couch and have someone with her at all times. If she starts to cry she wants to give her a pacifier which Kate doesn't know if she likes it yet. So it will and adjustment to get use to a new routine. So far so good. Chris

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