Sunday, October 5, 2014

Working at 9-patches

I got up early. No call about a baby so we are still waiting. Needed to get some stitching done because I am stressed over this wait. As you know I have 2.5 inch squares cut and I dig out a pile and stitch up as many as I can and then add more squares to the mix. 

22 blocks got completed this morning in about an hour and a half. When the pieces are cut you can just keep chain piecing and pressing and the blocks start piling up fast. I cut squares to size. Others will cut strip sets after they are sewn together. Which ever method works for you is fine. You are cutting and stitching the same amount just doing it in a different sequence. I eliminate the extra scraps and store the scraps for the time I'm ready to stitch. Going to eat soon and get ready for the day. Hope you have a good one. Chris

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