Thursday, October 23, 2014

Haven't sewn in two days

It is bothering me since I got my belts I still haven't sewn any. Yesterday was a running and Autumn day. So nothing got done, but play with her.

Today is another day. My husband is so thin from being so sick a couple years ago that laying on a regular bed is impossible for him. He has an adjustable height bed, but the mattress isn't much better than a padded board. We have gotten a memory foam topper for it and he sleeps better, but the local Menard's has a softer one so we are going to look at it. They are on sale so now might be the time to change.

We are suppose to get some rain this evening so any thing that needs doing outside should get some. I wish this time of year it would pay to wash windows outside. The reason I don't is we live in the middle of a corn field and it isn't picked yet. There is always so much dust that blows around when the picking goes on. Also we live along the Rock River and it creates lots of dirt also.  Maybe I should just do it and say that at least it was clean for a couple minutes.

Has anyone else had trouble with Internet Explorer lately. awhile back the download for IE 11 was installed and I think it was not right. It shuts down and reopens the pages so many times before it works. Frustrating! I have started using Google Chrome more, but not really liking it either.

Well going to go look for a wireless printer today. I haven't had a good working printer for almost a year. Wish me luck. Chris

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