Saturday, October 18, 2014

Using pieces

using up small pieces. The 4-patches were already made. They are 3.5 inch squares. The pieces for the 4-patch are 2 inch squares sewn together.

The light square in a square round is 2.5 inch squares cut diagonally and sewn on the straight of the grain side. Then sewn to the straight sides of the 4-patch. The next round is 5 3/8 inch squares cut diagonally for the four corners. They are then sewn onto the second round. Then I trim to a 7 inch square. Remember to have 1/4 inch at the points to have it give you crisp points when sewing on the sashing. 
This will take some time to get enough of these done for a quilt. I think I will use it for my leaders and enders project to keep something going all the time. 
Gloomy day here today. Hopefully the sun comes out. Chris

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