Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tackling the mess

After I put away the monitor from my PC and cleaned up the extra wires from getting rid of my tower I was left with this. I did try and sort through stuff and got a basket full of debris. 

I moved my MW single stitch machine to this area for now. The table it was on I want to use for a cutting station. So I can piece on this corner and also I won't have drop cords running across the floor for a fire and trip hazard.  

Next step is clean out this mess in front of the window. The table will go there. So everything in these tubs and bags needs to be sorted and either find a better place or get rid of. I have some shelves on either side of the windows that I think I'm going to place my overrun fabrics on. Still have a basket with smaller pieces that need cutting up, This isn't going to get straight overnight. It took longer than that to get this way. 

Kate update. She went to the Dr. for a week old check up. She has regained her birth weight and added 6 oz. besides. She is doing really well. Her Dr. knows me and has for over 20 years and knows all the other kids so I am glad she thought she was doing well. 

If anyone wants to stop by and help I will pay you in scraps. LOL Chris  

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