Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Miss piecing

Yes these are pieced, but not all are in use for tops. I really need a day to myself for a good sewing day. Today I will get part of the day to myself, but I really need to clean the living room.

The Fall weather is almost here and the house will be closing soon so trying to get Summer dust all cleaned up. I'm dusting down the ceilings and the walls and pulling furniture out and cleaning behind.

I have clutter on my counters that needs going through and pitched or thrown away. We grab stuff to put up when Autumn comes so she doesn't get into it and then it stays there. Lack of organization happens here quite often. 

Rain is on it's way and I really need to get some of this dust addressed. With the change in weather I'm experiencing a migraine, but need to push ahead. 

Jeff is helping a neighbor to get his flooring laid in a craft room today. I think the man can do it it is just getting started. So it maybe will be a few hours. The room is not square so they have to determine where to start. Either in the middle of the room and work out or on one wall and deal with the shortage or overage on the outside walls.

Going to get ready here and go in and try to finish the border of the youth bed quilt. I still have more to finish on it, but thinking it will be a grid of some kind. I have resigned myself to not being a curvy quilter. Not my cup of tea. Havea good day. Chris

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Teresa Rawson said...

Wow, you have a lot going on! I like your crazy patch project...very scrappy, so right up my alley! We are beginning to get color and fall here as well. I hear you about making house repairs...I have to get everything out of the kitchen today because we are getting a new floor tomorrow. These home improvement items do cut into the quilting budget and time! Good luck on baby watch!