Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cleaning and some sewing

Yesterday was a different day. In many respects it was a rough day for me, but I kept busy. My husband is a news junkie and for me the bad news has an effect on me that I do not like. Yes I know turn it off, but from the time he gets out of bed until he returns to bed the news is on. 
So to keep myself busy I cleaned two bathrooms and scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors. Today I need to get the living room cleaned. This morning I got up after a very rough night of not feeling good and started to make some more 9-patches. I know you think is this all she does is 9-patches. Well this is another idea for a couch quilt.   

This is the bucket of 2.5 inch squares that I have cut over the last couple weeks. 
I just keep picking them up and making 9-patches. I need to add some different colors to this mix. So I will get some more diced into squares in the next couple hours to make it look more like it was just not planned.  
Yesterday I had a request from Talea for a zig-zag quilt. I used colors I had and not as much fabric as I thought I needed. So this will be the center of a baby sized quilt. I have a light yellow print to make a border to edge it with. This now is the size I need to cut the points off to make a square. This is easy to do, but I had to really think through the layout. The instructions I  had used 4 colors with the one common color. I only had three so I had to really use my tired brain to make it work.
Maybe after a little while I will cut it to work for the borders. We have to go to my Mother's and do a simple repair and help the neighbor with taking her door off the hinges so she can paint it.

Sun is out and I need to get moving and get something done even if it is wrong. Chris  

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