Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Managing scraps

My husband decided he could re-glue the belt for the machines since that is all that was holding this tubing together. It worked for about an hour and broke again. So as you can see it laying there I need to make a trip to the sewing machine shop.

The fabric is scraps that I collect when cutting small pieces up into squares and strips. Cut offs or collars or cuffs that can't be cut any way to work with what I'm doing. Most of this is from scrap bags I have bought a quilt shops or from thrift stores.

My plan is to make some tote bags from them. So the larger pieces when done will be squared up and interfaced and lined. When you have kids or take along sewing they come in handy. This is fun to see how much you can use up. I layer the pieces and sew 1/4 inch seems. No foundation is used. Flip and press and add another section. I usually have 4 or 5 blocks in the works to get production done. The fun part is no two are alike.

I have a 20 quart container full of small pieces. So maybe if I get the belt I can do some more production work done. I think the shop opens at 9 am. The man that owns it lives by me so maybe I can see him going to work today.

I think while I'm in town I will do some grocery shopping. One store had some good deals on some that is on my list.

Didn't tell you, but my Mom yesterday gave me a grocery sack about half full of scraps she thought about throwing away, but thought better about it. Then she went to Joann's and found fabric that will work for backs for $2  a yard. So today I need to get it edge stitched and into the wash.

We have 39 degrees weather right now. Suppose to be in the upper 50's today and sunny. We have our yard work done so we will just enjoy the day. Have a good one. Chris

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