Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Working at it

Made it to the closet. I found things I have been looking for forever. Some yarn that was stuffed in bags and thrown in the back. I was so sick for awhile and my Granddaughter thought she was helping and things got stuffed into bags and shoved into the closet. It was cleaned up, but I knew not where anything was at. 

Found some things I've been looking for, but still missing some dark blue yardage. I have gone through several totes and all the bags. I found fabric I bought for Taylor when she was little and she is 15 now. So I guess I make it for the two little ones. Some is some flannel with crazy looking butterflies on it. Get some pink to go with it and make some rag quilts for the two girls. They will have matching quilts, but I will use their names on them so they don't fight over them. I have plenty of batting scraps to make some warm rag quilts. 

I did find some fabric I had bought for backgrounds for applique. Which was on my list to buy. Won't have to do that now. Now I need to get to the dresser and place yardage in it instead of plastic bags. I also found some foam rubber pieces I thought I had in the back of the closet. Jeff needed some for a project. 

Well off to get some more sorted. Chris

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