Thursday, October 30, 2014

Random thoughts

Today is a gray day. Been down in the dumps. Need to look to change things. I think it is personal dissatisfaction on my part. I have been stressed over several things and changes are going on I have no control over.

I would like to start a new project, but I have so many started and nothing is getting completed really fast. My mind works faster than my hands do.

I read blog written by very busy people and I think I'm not very well organized to get things done.
Here I am beating myself up and yet I keep pretty busy with life. I need a day away from the house and yet need to get things done so what do I do?

Kate is coming to visit in a few minutes and she will soon be a month old. Where does the time go? She has her days and nights mixed up and giving her parent fits. So they are trying work through all this and it is difficult to get her schedule changed.

I really would like a great reason to stay up all night and sew. Don't think I could do it. My days and nights are mixed up also. Kate maybe learned from Grandma.

Well nothing important other than I'm here. Just trying to get through each day and maybe things will be better on another day. Chris


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Tomorrow is always another day. Hang in there!!

Belinda said...

I hear ya and I have some of the very same thoughts.

I think you seem pretty creative productive!