Friday, October 3, 2014

OMGosh wasting time

I get up earlier than my husband most days. I look at the blogs I missed the day before and drink a couple large cups of coffee. Then I make the mistake of getting on Pinterest. I like to look at quilts, decor, cooking and sewing and embroidery.

Well today I chose Shabby Chic. All the lace and frufru. It is a time gone by. White and off white slip covers and old quilts. Was I born in the wrong century? It appeals to me, but I sure don't have any in my house.

Then I look at what I have in each room and think why don't I change this and redo that. But I walk away because I think that requires cleaning and I could just let myself walk away from that chore.

Mind you I cleaned house for a living at one point and did quite well at it. I guess it is more fun doing someone else's house than doing your own. I look in the corners here and shutter to think I need to clean this all up.

So here I am still on the computer and should get the laundry started and figure out what is for lunch and supper. But I haven't had enough coffee and I should look into what is going to happen here today.

Autumn spent the night so we will have to have breakfast and a bath. Her Biological Mother is coming today for a visit. Makes for a stressful day here. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Oh, Chris, I love to look at other peoples' decor and then wonder, "do they really live in that room?" I might not have anything that will appear in a magazine but what I have is comfortable and friends aren't afraid to come in and sit down... I think if I was going to decorate a 'chic' room, it would be my bathroom :-)
As far as wasting time... well look where I'm at :-) Quite frankly, I'm at a point in my life that I don't feel the need to be constantly doing something.