Saturday, October 4, 2014

No sewing done as of yet 7 pm

We got a phone call that maybe today would be baby day and so far nothing. My son had contracted to DJ a wedding tonight thinking that the baby would already be here. So he is DJ ing and she is home timing herself.

Stress is such a part of my life. She is 32 miles from the hospital. Her car had a trailer hooked up to it and he did unhook it before he left. The twelve year old is ok for several hours by himself, but Autumn isn't. So if I get a call before my son gets done DJ ing I will be on the road to pick up kids.

Could be a long night or she will settle down and wait for another time. I told her to try and relax and watch TV. She has bags packed and ready to go at any time.

I got the cleaning done and went to the store and picked up a few things. So I'm ready for meals if I have to cook some during the rest of the weekend.

Not much on TV that we watch tonight so maybe will stitch some 9 patches together. Found some more ideas for 9 patches. Chris

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