Monday, October 27, 2014

9-patches are the job today

I bought some solid black the other day and decided to sew small sashing to go with these 9-patches. Then I pulled out a red for the corner stones. The sunlight is coming in the window so they look faded, but they are very vivid in true light.

I have enough to make this 10 X 10 setting. This is from all the random sewing I have done with the 9-patches. It looks really striking in the right light. The colors really pop with the black sashing. 

Making 6 quarts of vegetable soup and pressure canning it today. I cooked the ingredients yesterday
and cooled it over night in the fridge. Warmed it up and got it in the canner already. It takes 90 minutes in the pressure canner to heat through to be safe, but it is a quick go to for a hot meal. Chris


Jean said...

I, too like the black for sashing. These are beautiful.

Katie M. said...

OMG, Chris, you're a busy lady! I like to use black when using bright colors also. This is going to be a really pretty quilt.