Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Good common sense

With all the viruses going around, I want to let you know we are all vulnerable. Colds, flu and germs are everywhere. No I wasn't talking about computer viruses.

I went to a big box store yesterday and I noticed they didn't have the wipes by the carts. Maybe you think I'm crazy,but they are important.

Do you realize people don't think when it comes to doors, shopping carts and common public places. Children sit in the carts with dirty or wet diapers. You place your purse in that seat. Also some kids are placed in the cart section and you place your food their like lettuce, apples cauliflower. Do you see where I'm going with this? How many germs are you bringing home.

You set your purse on the kitchen table or counter. You place your food in the fridge with hands that were on the handle of the cart or door handles. Also you car steering wheel is touched after shopping.

I worked at a hospital and I was very seldom sick, but I had hands that were cracked and split. Great way to get fluid bacteria.

People don't think. When I have grandkids and a sick husband I am vigilant with the wiping up of handles, door knobs bathrooms and anything they seem to touch.

Let this be a healthier Winter for you if you keep a better watch on what you do. Have a healthier Winter season. Chris  ps. Find a cleaning solution you can afford to use and keep it close at hand.

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Pam said...

Hi Chris! ALWAYS good advice :) Can't say it enough! We keep our hands away from our faces and wash them frequently. Wipes and sanitizers are always nearby, too. The world is a germ-y place. There was a man ahead of us in line at the pharmacy counter and he sneezed all over the counter and the credit card machine etc - so gross! We waited until everything was sanitized before even going near it! Eeeww.
Take Care!
Pam P