Monday, October 20, 2014

Mind on overload

What mind you might say...... I know, but anyway I have had my mind winging this way and that way over the last couple weeks. do I or don't I?

I need to get some gifts made for the holidays and yet that isn't getting done. I need to carve out more hours in the day. I know you are saying to me in your mind that hasn't happened for centuries why would it happen now.

Well can I make three sewing machines run at once. Not sure that can happen either. Focus you might say, well where do I start?

I thought cleaning the sewing room would help. Did to some degree. Then my mind sees things I haven't looked at for months or years and it wanders off to another direction. Flighty maybe! Making lists and dreaming seems to be the direction I'm going.

I made four lists today. Things that I need to do immediately and some down the road. Where this is taking me I am not sure. I have a deadline for some of this brain scheming I have going on. You ask what is it, well time will tell if I scrap the idea or not.

I know this is a tease, but I am just not sure I can devote enough time to doing something I want to do. At this time I feel like dreams are cheap. They don't cost anything and if you can't dream of things what is the use in getting up in the morning. After all my Mother taught us to entertain ourselves which is what I think I am doing.

Sanity is another elusive thing I have to address. Am I crazy to think I can do what is going on in my brain? Probably. I told you that I had some personal things to address and one is getting my act together. My eating, sleeping and general emotions need to be in check. Being a Mother, Wife and Grandmother I worry to much and it all takes it's tole on me. I get stressed and find myself at the fridge that has to stop. When I shop this next week need to buy better as far as food choices and see if that will help.

As I said mind on overload, but I did sleep in better this morning. Suppose to be a better day to get out and walk. I need to add to my list some better walking shoes.  The ones I have are heavier and  I tend not to want to go out because of that.

Going to do the dishes and get the laundry started. Hopefully you all have a great day. Chris

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