Monday, October 13, 2014

All of Grandpa's girls will be here today

This is the two little ones. Can't wait to see all the grandkids. 2 boys and three girls will be here today for lunch. I invited my Mom their Great Grandma, Mom and Dad and us.  

I got up and did some sewing this morning. I dug into the 2.5 inch tub and started to assemble more 9-patches. I have parts sewn together and needed to iron so I quit and will go back to it when I get the noodles all made. 

Been thinking, which I have told you before is crazy, but anyway the idea of strip set sewing to then cut up into strips for 9-patches or 4 -patch elements is a different method. I can see doing that technique if you are using three colors or prints or two colors. Also the amount of stitching is all the same and also the amount of cutting. Scrappy piecing means to me that it is all different. I know others prefer this and if it works for you then it is a great method. 

It is foggy here. We live along a river and in the middle of a corn field. The humidity here is high. Over the next 36 hours we are to get about 2.2 inches of rain. So turning on the lights and getting the noodles made here soon. Have a great day. Chris

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