Friday, October 10, 2014

Marking quilt tops

 Karen McTavish and Alex Andersen said on a quilt show that if you got a chance to learn from a professional quilter as to how to mark a quilt do it. Well no professional quilters in my area or have a chance to travel to a seminar to learn how to do it.

Another quilter was on Nancy Notions program long time ago said to mark each block as you complete it. If you are doing and allover design not won't work. Each block is if you are doing a repeat design like a wreath or corner design.

Depending on the type of quilter you are modern, traditional, appliquer, or scrap quilter you have your own style. Each quilter likes a certain look for their finished quilts. A professional quilter who works their magic on your quilt tops also has a look they are proficient in.

I think marking is a matter of the process that isn't covered well in our learning sessions. Do you have a favorite quilter that you prefer to watch their details? Do they mark or do they wing it? I'm not good at winging it.

I have books with quilt designs and yet I am still intimidated over the quilting designs. I ran across a blog that is no longer active and she talked about using your walking foot to do all your quilting No FMQ is not part of the process. Circles, Waves, Curves , and grid work were all part of the quilting she did on the blog. Maybe I need to address more of this type of quilting. She marked with washout markers. She thread basted like Sharon Schamber does on her You Tube demo. I will have to look for the info again and get a link for it for those of you like me that needs all the help we can get. Chris  

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