Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So much better

Well it still looks cluttered and it probably is to many, but I can now see what is going on. I have tons of cutting to do. The bags and the piles all need cutting to be prepared for new projects. This was an all day effort. The cleaning was done as I went. I even did the ceiling fan. Sounds like I never clean. Well hardly never. LOL 

All the bags a totes sitting there are now better arranged so I can get to them. Still looks horrible, but I do feel better about having it out where I can get to it. 

The next goal is to cut everyday so I can whittle it down to a manageable amount. The shelves on either side of the window need attention and I need to get my file cabinet cleaned out. It has warranty papers and old paid bills and tax forms in it. Time to cull that mess. No drop cords across the floor and yet everything is plugged in and ready to use. 
Well off here to do some cutting and clean more up on the table by the window. Chris 


Jean said...

You are making progress. Don't give up.

Exuberant Color said...

It sounds like you have new energy with the cleaner room.