Sunday, October 12, 2014


Managing is a loose term in my house. Well trying to control the scraps. Maybe that is a better way of stating it. I try, but I keep cutting and keep stitching and I keep finding more to cut. Let's put it this way, no control just chaos is going on in the  sewing room. My aunt was her from Florida and she said I bet you know where everything is at in there. I said "h--l no". I'm looking for two things now and I need to find them for my own satisfaction. 

I worked on this pile this morning. Shirt pieces and small scraps that can't be put back on the shelf or they would get lost again, yes again. I found them once so they needed to be cut and filed in the right tubs. If I would dedicate an hour each day to cutting and then go onto stitching maybe in a 6 month period I would have it somewhat under control. 

These are leftover 9-patches. 72 are ready for another project. I think about 120 are necessary for the next top. So I have a few more to sew. Today I need to take my machines apart and clean them. They are getting linty and also need oiling. New needles are in order for both of them also. I need to wind bobbins so I will get the maintenance done and be ready to stitch away.

I want to show you what I do with the shirts I buy. This is a short sleeve from a man's shirt. I of course wash everything as it comes into the house. No creepy stuff on the shirts then. I fold them in half and press the wrinkles out.

I determine the cuts. I made two 2.5 inch strips and two 1.5 inch strips from this sleeve. Since I am cutting 2.5 inch squares I then stored the rest of the strips in the marked tub. This way when I want to work with them I have variety. The 1.5 inch strip also work well in my hexie project I have going. Which reminds me I can't find the pieces I have sewn together for that. so add that to my list of look for things. 

The pile of 2.5 inch squares all came from the one sleeve. There are 12 of them. This will be added to my tub of squares to finish the rest of the 9-patch blocks I need. I try and work with a full bin so that I get variety and then as I use it don I cut another batch to make them look different then the rest of the batch. I know many say why not cut strip sets. Well here is my explanation to that. I want variety. When you sew strip sets together you have several strips all the same. My quirky nature doesn't want that. I want them all different. I have like squares, but they are sewn with different squares to meet the challenge I set for myself.  I still have the rest of the shirt to cut up to use in other projects down the road. 

Most shirts will yield between 2-3 yards of cutable fabric for scrap quilting. When buying them I inspect the collars to see how badly they are worn and also the labels to see fabric content. I discard anything or part that has fusible interfacing applied to it. When the stripes and plaids are mixed in with floral and prints who knew it came from a man's shirt other than me? 

Today I plan on cooking. I have all my family coming tomorrow about 11:30 am for Chicken and noodles. I make my noodles from scratch. Tomorrow as I make them I will share the process and recipe with you. I found the recipe in a magazine many years ago and it is easy and so good to eat. I also think I will get the machines cleaned and oiled and ready for use again. Have a great day. Chris  

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