Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Well here is confession. I'm frustrated with myself and my lack of organization. This organization touches many aspects of my life and quilting.

I'm not happy with several things in my personal life, but I will not bore you with the details. Let's say I have to clean up my act.

Sewing /quilting is another more frustrating for me. I can't seem to get it all together. Meaning it is difficult to spend much time in one segment to accomplish the cleaning and organization that needs to be done to get the goals I want. I know I keep talking about it and nothing ever gets finished.

I'm up early and trying to decide what is the right thing to do. I need to go in and just move everything out of the room and start fresh and consolidate all the stuff.

For many years of our married life we moved. We never had much extra stuff and now that we have been in this house for over 12 years it is overwhelming. Jeff keeps telling me to get rid of stuff and I just don't. Two years ago he preached to me to get rid of the toys for the smaller aged kids. I hedged on the idea and look we have to grandbabies to entertain  now. So I have toys.

I'm afraid of doing that with other things and have to go out and replace them. Especially sewing related items.

Today for sure I plan on cleaning off a corner of the sewing room where my computer sat. I need to get it cleaned up so I can work in other areas to sort and  get a handle on this mess.

After I get done with this post I plan on making a list of to-do things in the sewing room. Cleaning is on top of the list. I have to make a shopping list also. I need rotary blades, needles and neutral fabrics. If in my planning I find something to cross off the list it is a bonus, but I know certain things just need to be purchased.

Well people this is going to be a ground breaking day if I get a couple hours to myself. That is a big if. Chris  

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Exuberant Color said...

I have been tempted to just move everything out of the studio and start over putting it back organized the way I want it too. Then I realize 70% is organized and I only need to work on the 30% that isn't.

Cleaning off counter/table space is a good start.