Sunday, October 19, 2014

Had to change machines

Started to finish a few of these
blocks yesterday and the belt broke. Saturday afternoon and the sewing machine shop in the next town is closed. I had bought the round stretchy belt from Joann's and it didn't hold up for very long. Then I set up my MIL's old machine and the belt on it is badly warn also. So Monday when the shop opens I will be on their doorstep.  I did get the last rounds on 6 of the these.
This is all trimmed and ready to have sashing when I get to this point. This has been fun to find fabrics to make a variety of looking blocks. Need to dig into the stash for some of the larger pieces. Normally don't cut fabric larger than 3 7/8 inches for HST's. Not sure what this will be or how large it will become. I can do the leader ender thing and see where it takes me. I think we are getting company today. So maybe will just cut some more and see how many piles I can eliminate. Chris 

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