Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2/3 rds curse

Yes it has hit me. I'm 2/3 rds done and want to move on. I'm trying to be good and keep with it even though my heart isn't in it at this point.

To much of the same thing. I guess piecing I have different things to look at and handle. This is just bulk and same old stitching block to block. Cut threads and make sure it is all as straight as it is going to be. I need this done for sure.   

Went to my Son's yesterday to watch the baby. She wanted Grandma to hold her. She got so tired when we had the baby shower. She couldn't hardly put on foot in front of the other because of all the people and attention. She took three naps yesterday. She was just wore out.

Court over her final custody matters was yesterday and my son was award sole custody over her. They are relieved. So some of the stress has been lifted off of us. It has been a year long battle to keep things normal for her. Her Mother was a drug user when she was pregnant and afterwards also. Autumn didn't have the greatest of start,

She is doing well and smart as a tack. So hopefully she will grow and be healthy from here on out. She has a new sister coming in about 5 weeks so she has to teach the little one how to do everything Autumn's way. Chris

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