Tuesday, August 5, 2014

3 more done

I didn't get much sewing time in today. My Mother had two appointments and I was needed to go along. She had a Chiro appointment and a banking appointment. So that out of the way and supper cooked eaten and cleaned up I went into sew. My husband went to the garage and hand waxed my car after washing and vacuuming it out for me. 

I have been digging and found more fabric to cut strips out of. I think if I cut everyday for two hours I maybe wouldn't have it all cut up. I do have yardage, but it is never what I want. I wonder later why did I buy this. Maybe it was a good price. So I'm cutting it up into smaller pieces and it doesn't look so bad. 

I read an article on a blog and sorry to say I think it was talking about vintage quilts and I can't recall the name of the blog. The term that was used was "poverty piecing." I re-read it and my take on it was sewing pieces of the same fabric to make a piece big enough to cut the shape out of. Well I did some of that with the strips I used. Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone. I might get a bad reputation that way. Hey I paid for the fabric and it was not long enough and I had another short piece so I  pieced it together and pressed it well and stitched it down. Bet you couldn't tell if I hadn't said anything. It is on the middle block and the second light strip I think on the lower side. I used every inch of the fabric that way. 

I have cut shirts and used in this block. I have pieced small pieces together and used a lot of ugly fabric in these strips I wouldn't have used in another quilt. Some of it I look beyond the print on it and the color it looks like for contrast. I guess I should call it value of a certain color to be technical. 

Had fun doing these and sat dreaming about making smaller ones. Yes I'm nuts. I'm going to go to bed in a little while and we will see how long I sleep tonight. My dreaming and thinking get my mind going all night long and I wake up early eager to get started. Have a good night Chris

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