Monday, August 25, 2014

Because it is so hot

Today I think piecing will be the order of business. I got warm enough trying to finish the center quilting with the quilt in my lap. My sewing room gets warm enough with the window on the west side of the house. It gets sunlight at 3 pm the hottest part of the day.

I have some blocks ll complete and they need stitching into rows for a quilt top. Yes I know another quilt top to quilt. I have a baby quilt to get made. I have a top ready to baste. Maybe I can lay it out on the table and hand baste it and not have the bulk in my lap.

Baby will be here before I get it done if I am not careful. I also have a twin sized girl quilt to sandwich. So trying to stay sewing today will not be hard. The cleaning will have to wait a few more day. Hopefully it cools off in a few days.

I got a call about my computer that went to be checked out. The tech thinks he can get the pictures off of it and just be a small cost. Also he said he thought he could find me a rebuilt computer for a reasonable price. I really don't need it, but I am use to having a laptop and a desktop both.

Stay cool today. Watch the kids, elderly, and the pets. 105 degrees heat indexes today. Chris

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